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Dear All,

Firstly for those who have updated their phones and are having an issue with the App we are sorry, we have the software maintenance team looking into it.

We have a host of padel this week and don't forget to book for league matches it...

Tuesday 19th

Mix-In - 6pm-9pm - ALL Levels welcome (please book in)

Wednesday 20th 

Mix-In - 6pm-9pm - ALL levels welcome (please book in)

Thursday 21th

Matches available 6pm-7.30pm & 7.30pm-9pm

Friday 22nd

Matches available 6pm-7.30pm & 7.30pm-9pm

Saturday 23rd & 24th

Matches available all day... 


Our next event at Prested is June 30th & July 1st - There is a category for all players, please book in now!

email -


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Dear All,

So we have some padel available this week, please let us know if you'd like a game anytime as we can find you the players to play with!

Tuesday 12th 

4.30pm-6pm - Looking for 2 players level 3.5-5

4.30pm-6pm - Looking for 3 players level 2.5-3.5

6pm-9pm - Mix in - All levels welcome

Wednesday 13th

4.30pm - Looking for 1 player level 4-5

4.30pm - Looking for 1 player level 2.5-3.5

Mix-In 6pm-9pm All levels welcome

Thursday 14th

10.30am - Looking for 3 players level 2.5-3.5

7pm-9pm - Looking for 6 players level 3.5-5

Friday 15th

Cardio Padel 6pm-7pm

Saturday & Sunday

Plenty of padel available, book your court now -



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Dear All,

Plenty of padel available this week! If you'd like us to find you any players to join you we can! We would also like to offer a special 1 week offer of 20% off ALL 2018 Dropshot rackets please head to and check the shop page for the full range.

Monday 4th

2 players required for a match 7.30pm-9pm Monday - Level 3-4.5

Tuesday 5th

4.30pm-6pm 1 player required - Level 3.5-5

4.30pm-6pm 2 players required - Level 3-4.5

6pm-9pm MIX-IN All levels welcome

Wednesday 6th

4.30pm 3 players required 2.5-4

6pm-9pm MIX-IN All levels welcome

Thursday 7th

Players required for matches between 4.30pm-9pm - ALL levels welcome.

Friday 8th


7pm-9pm players required, matches available ALL levels

Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th

Matches available 10.30am-3pm - ALL levels welcome

For all enquiries for matches or the special racket offer email

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Dear All!

Come and join us for some padel soon! We have the usual Mix-Ins available and we are excited to open entries for the next event!

Saturday June 30th & July 1st

Saturday June 30th

B Grade - 9am-1pm - Levels 3 & above

Saturday June 30th

A Grade 1pm - 7pm - Best 10 pairs that enter via the rating systme.

Sunday July 1st

Mixed Doubles - 9am-3pm - 10 pairs available - All standards welcome

If you want a partner we can help, please sign your teams up now by emailing



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Dear All,

As of June 1st we are introducing 'Padel leagues' each league has 5 teams, you will play all the other teams in your league over a 2 month period. At the end of the time allocated the team in bottom postion in the league will be relegated whilst the team in top postion will be promoted! ALL LEVELS are encouraged as you'll be entered into the correct league for your standard!

We advise signing up with a partner, however if you don't have a partner and would like to sign up please just let us know and we will find you a partner.

All results will be posted on the notice boards in the padel club.

There is no cost in entering te league you just pay your usual court fees! We need all entries by JUNE 1st! To enter please email LETS GO!


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Dear All,

This is just a note to say if you are not a Prested member there will be a guest fee payable at reception of £6pp each time you play. If you are not a member and want to avoid this charge please see reception upon arrival to sign up to membership.

Many thanks

The Padel team.

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